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28th March 2022

Advanced Anaesthesia nurse training At Davies

In January, six nurses successfully completed the “Advanced Anaesthesia nurse training” here at Davies. The Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA)-accredited course ran over a 12-month period; it consisted of a mix of self-directed and guided reading, recorded lectures, interactive seminars (some conducted via Zoom thanks to COVID!) and submission of a final case report.

The course aimed to provide nurses with the knowledge and understanding to confidently and competently manage more complex anaesthetic cases (ASA 3-5). This included discussing the relevant pathophysiology, pharmacology, monitoring and other technical challenges posed by these challenging cases. In addition, we hope that the course serves to inspire our fantastic RVNs to continue to develop their own knowledge and skills, whilst also supporting and training others within the profession.

Hear from one of our nurses who took part in the course:

Name and position:

Sophie Barnes – Flexi Nurse Supervisor

Why did you choose to do the Advanced Anaesthesia Nursing Seminar course?

I wanted to undertake the advanced anaesthesia nursing course to expand my knowledge and understanding in this area. Being a flexi nurse means I work in all the areas and developing my knowledge in anaesthesia is important to ensure I have a good understanding for more complex cases.

Why did you enjoy the course?

I enjoyed doing this course because it was interactive where possible and case based. This allowed me to think and understand the concept of what we were learning like I was dealing with a patient or case in the hospital. It was a very informative course.

Why join Davies Nursing Team?

Our Advanced Anaesthesia nurse training is just one of the many reasons nurses join Davies. We are growing and looking for new nurses in a variety of roles.

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