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A prompt and efficient referral service for all types of eye diseases in small animals


As a pet owner you’ll know eye disease is common in small animals. Our Ophthalmology team are kept busy treating conditions like cataracts, corneal ulcers, entropion (in-turning of the eyelids), dry eye, inflammation of the eye, glaucoma, tumours and retinal diseases. We love nothing more than seeing the joy for both pet and owner when a small animal’s vision is repaired or restored.


Cataract removal is one of the most common reasons pets are referred to us. Cataracts are common in dogs and may be inherited, be due to old age, or develop as a consequence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Whatever the cause, early referral is recommended for all cataract assessments.


At our initial consultation we will examine the eye and discuss potential phacoemulsification cataract surgery with you. Not all cases are suitable for surgery, or you may not wish to proceed with surgery. If cataract surgery is indicated, this usually can be performed within 1 to 4 weeks. If cataracts are present in both eyes, we can remove both the cataracts at the same time, if desired. Following removal of the cataracts, we will usually place an intraocular (artificial) lens inside the eye so that optimum vision is restored.


We perform all types of extraocular and intraocular surgery including:

  • Phacoemulsification cataract surgery
  • Intraocular len placement
  • Lens luxation surgery
  • Entropion and facelift surgery
  • Electrolysis for treatment of distichiasis (extra eyelashes)
  • Electroretinography (ERG) 
  • Corneal procedures including superficial keratectomies and treatment of deep or perforated corneal ulcers with conjunctival, corneoconjunctival, amnion and ‘Biocornea’ grafts
  • Diagnostic workup for blindness

Meet the Team

Julia Freeman

Ophthalmology / Neurology Technician

BSc (Hons)

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Ines de Freitas

Veterinary Surgeon Diplomate - Ophthalmology


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Eva Garcia Juarez

Intern - Ophthalmology


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Rachel Lockhart

RCVS and EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology


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Agata Tsvetanova

EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

DVM GPcert(Ophthal) DipECVO MRCVS

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