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28th January 2022

The Davies team have been sharing their animal rescue stories in support of Change a Pet’s Life Day.

We’ve been hearing from various team members on how they have changed an animal’s life for the better and how animals have enhanced their lives too. They hope it will help to encourage people to adopt or foster pets from shelters and raise awareness about animals in need.

If you want to get involved there are various ways you can help:

Adoption – by adopting a pet you will be giving them a permanent loving home.

Fostering – when fostering a pet this means you will be providing the first steps for the animal to have a safe loving place to stay. This also means you are freeing up spaces and beds in shelters, allowing space for more animals to be rescued.

Volunteering – Volunteering allows you to get involved in a way that suits you best, this could be helping with fundraising or helping at a shelter. Whatever suits you will be a huge help to any shelter.

Donating – Any kind of donation, whether it’s a one-off or regular donation, is a huge help to shelters and rescues.

Kate Wright, who is a Diagnostic Technician at Davies, says her disabled dog Emmie stole her heart the moment she saw her.

Meet the Diagnostics team

She had been dumped in a plastic bag, emaciated and with deformed front legs – which were possibly the result of untreated injuries.

“I knew from the moment I saw her she would never leave me. She’s just turned four and despite her disabilities is a very healthy and content girl. She comes for walks with my other two dogs, although she has to be carried much of the way and I made her a set of steps so she could get on and off the sofa. She’s always happy and certainly enjoys life, she is also the boss of my other two even though she’s the smallest! She’s a miracle and an inspiration.”

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