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29th December 2022

Chloe is a Registered Veterinary Nurse – Flexi Nurse Team at Davies Veterinary Specialists.

Chloe attended our previous open day in January 2022 and joined the Davies nursing team in April 2022. We will be holding our next Open day for Nurses on 28th January 2023 – Find out everything you need to know and to book your place visit click here

Here’s what Chloe had to say about her experience:

“On attending the open day at Davies, I didn’t know what to expect, only ever working in general practice I was intrigued to see what referral nursing was all about. I was met with a welcoming team of people, who were happy to answer any questions.
On a tour around the practice, we were able to see the opportunities Davies had to offer. It opened my eyes to another side of nursing which was all very new and exciting to me.
I left the open day feeling inspired and ready for a new chapter of my career.

I started at Davies in April, and spent 12 weeks on an induction period, during this time I shadowed nurses in all departments, learning and overseeing the practice. This was a great benefit for a Registered Veterinary Nurse who had only ever worked in general practice.

I have now been at Davies for 6 months as part of the Flexi team and I am so pleased I took the jump from general practice to referral. Davies has so much to offer and there is something new to learn every day. Since being part of the Flexi team and working in all areas of the practice, I have already been taught so many new skills and the role has pushed me to levels, I didn’t even know were achievable.”

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