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28th January 2022

The Davies team have been sharing their animal rescue stories in aid of Change a Pet’s Life Day. We will be hearing from various team members on how they have changed an animal’s life for the better and how animals have enhanced their lives too. They hope it will help to encourage people to adopt or foster pets from shelters and raise awareness about animals in need.

If you want to get involved there are various ways you can help:

Adoption – by adopting a pet you will be giving them a permanent loving home.

Fostering – when fostering a pet this means you will be providing the first steps for the animal to have a safe loving place to stay. This also means you are freeing up spaces and beds in shelters allowing space for more animals to be rescued.

Volunteering – Volunteering allows you to get involved in a way that suits you best, this could be helping with fundraising or helping at a shelter. Whatever suits you will be a huge help to any shelter.

Donating – Any kind of donation, whether a one-off or regular donation, is a huge help to shelters and rescues.

When Emma Bush, a veterinary nurse at Davies, adopted Pixie her once anxious cat turned happy and loving.

“Pixie was found as an injured stray 6 years ago and spent months in a rescue before coming home with us.

I had rehomed older cats previously with various health problems and was at first hoping to find another older cat who was struggling to find a home.

We came across Pixie online and despite being only around 1-2 years old, no one wanted her as she had a bit of an attitude problem! She was in the rescue for about 6 months and in that time she’d had some people interested but they were soon put off by her behaviour! She was pretty stressed there so had bitten and scratched people, which had put all her potential new families off.

We took the 200-mile round trip to go and meet her and after seeing how anxious and untrusting she was, there was no doubt that she had to come home with us! After home checks, we repeated the journey to pick her up the following week.

Over time, she went from swiping us and not wanting much fuss, to being the most loving cat and always wanting attention.

She’s so funny, chatty and makes us laugh every day. It’s so rewarding to see how calm and happy she is now.

She has shown how even an anxious, ‘naughty’ cat can become a happy, loving little ball of fluff in the right home.
I would urge anyone to consider the ‘less adoptable’ pets, they are so special and it’s so rewarding to see the difference you can make to their lives.”

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