Meet Maria and her three dogs!

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21st February 2022

In celebration of Love Your Pet Day on 20th February, some of our team are telling the stories behind how they came to meet their pets.

Meet Maria Italiano-Lofthouse, our Anaesthesia clinician.

“We have an international pack (I’m Italian and my husband is Scottish). Let me introduce you to my lovely boys:

Alfio is a little fluffy miniature Spinone Italiano cross breed (we think he’s 7 years old). I found him abandoned in the south of Italy and he decided not to leave me. He was already an adult and was around 16 kg… now he is bilingual and his body weight is around 25 kg!

Burrich is a 5-year-old black-mantel Great Dane. He was re-homed from a Romanian puppy farm. He is the most energetic of the house and is a volcano of 71kg who enjoys his daily run but does not dislike a good snooze too!

Fitz is a 6-year-old Harlequin Great Dane 6y. Fitzy is the sweetest of the three. He is very cuddly and likes kisses. He was re-homed from France when he was 5 months old and now is the wisest of the pack.

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