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18th June 2019

Each month our team nominates a patient of the month. Bridget is our patient of the month for May.

This is her story…

Bridget, an 11-month old Labrador, was referred to the Neurology and Neurosurgery team at Davies Veterinary Specialists.

She had experienced a sudden change in behaviour and had become progressively less responsive to her owners, had a reduced appetite and was very lethargic.

Following her neurological examination, we scheduled an emergency MRI scan. This showed marked abnormalities in the right side of her nasal cavity and frontal sinus, extending in towards her brain. A sample was taken and sent for analysis. The results revealed she had a Cryptococcus infection, a rare fungal infection that is very unusual to find in dogs in the UK.

Bridget was placed on antifungal medication and underwent surgery to remove as much of the fungus as possible.

Gradually, she started to show an improvement and slowly became more responsive. Because of the seriousness of her infection, she will remain on antifungal medications for a long time as there is a high risk that the infection will return if treatment is stopped too soon.

Bridget recently returned to Davies for a recheck on her first birthday and continues to show a remarkable improvement. She will be closely monitored over the coming weeks and months to ensure she has the best possible chance of fighting the infection.

Bridget was nominated for our May patient of the month by one of her ward nurses as she was a dream to care for!

Despite all she went through, Bridget remained sweet natured and loving and was always wanting a fuss.


Sadly, since we first posted this blog, Bridget’s condition deteriorated and she passed away at the end of June. All the team at Davies express our heartfelt condolences to Bridget’s owners and our gratitude for letting us share her story.

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