Top tips for happy and healthy pets this Christmas!

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1st December 2022

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. As it gets busy, it’s important to remember to keep our pets
happy and healthy. We’ve put together our top tips to follow during the festivities.


  • Avoid edible decorations on your tree, in particular, chocolate
  • Don’t feed chicken and turkey bones or festive foods containing raisins (like mince pies) to your pet
  • Avoid over-feeding your pet with excess treats


  • Regularly clean up dropped pine needles if you have a real tree
  • Keep electrical items, fairy lights and other tree decorations out of your pet’s reach
  • Keep a safety guard up in front of the fire and place festive candles out of reach

Reducing Stress

  • Stick to your pet’s dietary, exercise and toilet break routines
  • Don’t leave your pet alone at home for long periods
  • If you have visitors, ensure your pet has a quiet place to retreat to

Download our infographic here

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