Top tips for healthy and happy pets this Easter!

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10th March 2023

Easter eggs may be delicious for us but, unfortunately, chocolate can cause severe illness in dogs – so it’s the perfect reason to keep treats all to yourself. Some spring bulbs can also be poisonous to dogs.

Here are some tips from our specialists on what to avoid at this time of year…

Keep your dog away from chocolate Easter eggs.

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs.

How can you tell if your dog has been poisoned by chocolate?

Symptoms of concern for dog owners can be anything from vomiting and diarrhoea to rapid breathing and seizures.

What should you do?

Chocolate can be fatal for dogs, so if you notice your pet has consumed any chocolate you should contact your vet immediately – don’t wait for symptoms to appear. Your vet will need to know:

  • Details of what they have eaten (ingredients from the packet if you still have it)
  • When it was eaten
  • How much was eaten
  • Any symptoms they have.

Ensure your dog doesn’t ingest any plastic or foil wrappings from easter baskets and toys, these can also cause serious health problems.

Avoid Spring bulbs on dog walks, these are poisonous to dogs and some can be fatal if eaten.

Keep your dogs away from hot cross buns, as raisins, sultanas and currants can cause fatal kidney failure in dogs.

Stay safe – Both tulips and daffodils are poisonous to dogs. Even drinking water from daffodil vases can cause severe illness so make sure they are out of reach.

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