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27th January 2022

Members of the Davies team have been sharing their animal rescue stories in aid of Change a Pet’s Life Day. We will be hearing from various team members on how they have changed an animal’s life for the better and how animals have enhanced their lives too. They hope it will help to encourage people to adopt or foster pets from shelters and raise awareness about animals in need.

If you want to get involved there are various ways you can help:

Adoption – by adopting a pet you will be giving them a permanent loving home.

Fostering – when fostering a pet this means you will be providing the first steps for the animal to have a safe loving place to stay. This also means you are freeing up spaces and beds in shelters allowing space for more animals to be rescued.

Volunteering – Volunteering allows you to get involved in a way that suits you best, this could be helping with fundraising or helping at a shelter. Whatever suits you will be a huge help to any shelter.

Donating – Any kind of donation, whether a one-off or a regular donation, is a huge help to shelters and rescues.

Urszula Rzeszutek, Intern at Davies, found her beloved cat Krysia while working as a vet at the Celia Hammond Trust, where she still does regular voluntary work.

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Krysia was found on the street, virtually bald and with sore and ulcerated skin, caused by a very rare skin disease. She needed regular medicated baths, ear treatments, several different types of medications and a special diet.

“I felt really sorry for her being poorly in a hospital kennel for such a long time and decided to foster her at home until she fully recovered and was ready for adoption,” said Urszula. “She settled in the same day and decided to claim our flat as her own. She chose us but now we are very grateful that she did and can’t imagine our lives without her.

“Krysia helped me to become a better vet. Her condition was not responding to any of the available medications. As a charity, we could not afford a referral to a specialist. Hence, I had to do extensive dermatology research which gave me knowledge I would otherwise not have had. It was the beginning of my veterinary career and allowed me to understand the importance of evidence-based medicine in my clinical practice. It is all thanks to Krysia that I use this approach with every case I treat.”

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