Soft Tissue surgeons operate on Charlie the cat following road traffic accident

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29th January 2020

Veterinary surgeons repair transected urethra and fractured pelvis

Charlie was referred to Ellie Cockburn in our Soft Tissue team with serious injuries following a presumed road traffic accident.

Veterinary Soft tissue surgeons repair cat's fractured pelvis

He had a transected urethra, meaning that he could not urinate and he had life-threatening levels of waste products in his body. Charlie required emergency management of this condition. Initial treatment included administering pain relief and fluids, blood tests, then an ultrasound and x-rays to check for any further injuries. These revealed Charlie also had a fractured pelvis.

He had an exploratory surgery and his urethra was salvaged using a urethrostomy procedure where our veterinary surgeons created a new hole for Charlie to urinate from. A temporary tube placed at the time of surgery and it has since been removed. Charlie’s pelvic fracture was repaired a few days later.

After an eight-day stay Charlie was discharged. He is now happily recovering at home and still able to lie in his favourite position (with just a bit less hair)!

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