Anaesthesia helps stabilise Rolo for BOAS surgery

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2nd October 2019

Rolo, a 3-year-old male Pug, was an emergency referral after collapsing on a walk.

He had always been a noisy breather and snored, and was referred for surgery to manage suspected brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS).  He was initially treated by our Veterinary Anaesthesia service prior to surgery.

On arrival at Davies, Rolo was quickly transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) where he was assessed by an anaesthetist.

He was struggling to breathe and had blue gums, a sign of hypoxia. We immediately started him on an emergency treatment of oxygen, and nebulised with adrenaline to reduce the swelling in his throat. As Rolo was understandably very anxious, he was given a mild sedative to help settle him and was constantly monitored by the ICU nurses.

Our Veterinary Anaesthesia team ensured 3-year-old pug Rolo's condition was stable enough for surgery to resolve brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.

Within half an hour Rolo was much improved and ready to be assessed for anaesthesia.

This involved a thorough clinical examination and a blood test. As Rolo also had problems with regurgitation, he was started on medication to reduce the risk of this happening under anaesthesia.

Equipment used by the Veterinary Anaesthesia service at Davies Veterinary Specialists

The anaesthetist gave Rolo oxygen for a few minutes before anaesthesia. The surgeon assessed his airway and he had a tube placed in his windpipe to provide oxygen and anaesthetic gases. He was moved to theatre where he had surgery to help improve his airway. Rolo was nebulised again before waking up after surgery and was carefully monitored in the ICU for several hours after the operation.

He made a good recovery and is now able to go for walks again!

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