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7th June 2018

Patient: Amble, a 7 year old male Spaniel crossbreed

Presenting problems: mild spinal disc prolapse and hip osteoarthritis

History: Amble came to the Fitness and Therapy Centre after seeing our orthopaedic and neurology teams. The owners reported that Amble was often unsettled, reluctant to walk up stairs, his back legs occasionally gave way and the owners suspected Amble had lower back pain. Amble seemed less comfortable and stiffer after exercise.

Assessment: Amble had poor hindlimb and core muscle strength, and reacted to manipulation of his hips and lower back.

Management plan: Amble was given a home physiotherapy plan by our physiotherapists, and lost several kilograms in weight through increased managed and gentle activity and dietary modifications. For pain relief, Amble received acupuncture over 2 months and continued to receive pain relief medications, with occasional top-ups when necessary. Once Amble was more comfortable, Amble started hydrotherapy, which he really enjoys.

Outcome: Over time, Amble became more willing to exercise and less grumpy when interacting with his owners. Amble’s owner’s felt that his quality of life had improved. He does occasionally suffer set-backs, particularly when he has over-exercised.

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