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12th March 2019

Jem was referred to us for a mass that was growing on her rib.

She was initially seen by the Oncology team who asked our radiologists to perform a CT scan. This showed the lump arising from the rib and there was no other sign of cancer elsewhere. Jem was then internally referred to our Soft Tissue department to remove the lump. The surgery required removal of portions of 5 ribs. The “hole” in the ribcage was closed using some muscle of the chest and the skin closed over the top. As removal of the lump and tissues resulted in an area of empty space where fluid would collect, a drain was placed into the chest cavity to evacuate it of air and allow the lung to expand, and a second drain was placed to remove the fluid from under the wound.

Jem remained hospitalised with us for 8 days for pain relief, nursing care and wound management until the fluid production from the wound reduced.

Results of the lump came back as a Chondrosarcoma, this is a rare type of bone cancer. It affects the tough covering on the ends of bones called cartilage. It is usually a slow-growing tumour found in a bone or on its surface. The lump had been completely excised, therefore, no further treatment is warranted at this time other than monitoring for further masses.

Jem was nominated for our “patient of the month” by her soft tissue surgeon Smita Das as she was the happiest, loveliest dog and the nurses agreed!

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