Meningioma surgery gives Bichon Frise a new future

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13th July 2022

A dog with an intracranial meningioma causing progressive ataxia has made a good recovery following surgery at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies).

Bella Rose a 10-year-old Bichon Frise had become unsteady on her legs, often falling over. She had also started to go to the toilet in the house which was entirely out of character, and she was quieter than usual, giving her owner serious cause for concern.

She was referred promptly to the neurology service at Davies and an initial neurological examination was consistent with a lesion affecting her cerebellum.

Neurologist Alex Forward performed an MRI scan which revealed a large, focal, well-defined mass dorsal to the cerebellum with marked mass effect resulting in severe dorsoventral compression of her cerebellum, fourth ventricle and brainstem.

“We discussed treatment options including surgery, with her owner,” said Alex. “And we subsequently performed a sub-occipital craniectomy for resection of the mass. She recovered well from the surgery and histopathology of the resected mass confirmed it be a grade 1 meningothelial meningioma.”

“When Alex told me Bella’s diagnosis, I was heartbroken,” said her owner Andrea Wadey.  He explained the options we had and after thinking about it for a few days we opted for surgery. It was a very scary and sad time but Alex and the team at Davies were amazing.

“From the moment I took Bella for the initial consultation everyone was considerate and kind. Not only did they save Bella’s life which I will always be so grateful for, but I was also kept updated daily, on how Bella was doing, with answers to all questions I had.

“Bella’s recovering so well and is truly an inspiration to me, how she never gave up and came through the worse of situations. Everyday I’m in awe of Bella and her determination but without the expertise of Davies things could have been so different.

“Thank you so much to Alex who carried out the surgery and gave Bella Rose a new lease of life and to everyone who looked after Bella – we will forever be grateful.”

“Meningiomas are the most common brain tumours in dogs and we have recently published some research looking at the long time survival of dogs following surgical removal of meningiomas,” said Alex.  “Bella is much more interactive now and more excited about doing certain activities than prior to surgery. She has also started going to the toilet outside again and is otherwise well in herself. Our fingers are firmly crossed that she will continue to do well.

“We are very lucky at Davies to have specialists in anaesthesia, radiology and rehabilitation as well as exceptional nurses and patient care assistants, all of which are integral to the successful treatment of a patient such as Bella.”

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