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21st July 2020

Neurosurgery and rehabilitation helps Scooby recover from a slipped disc

Scooby had suddenly become unable to use any of his legs. He was referred to our Neurology team to find the cause of the problem.

Scooby was referred to Victoria Argent from our Veterinary Neurology team for investigation of a sub-acute onset, progressive, non-ambulatory tetraparesis – he had suddenly become unable to use any of his legs. A subtle weakness and in-coordination was noticed a couple of weeks prior, but this progressed more rapidly following surgery to remove a broken claw. Scooby was not obviously in pain except for acting more restless. However, in the 36 hours preceding the consultation, he became non-ambulatory.

Scooby had some blood tests followed by an MRI scan. The scan revealed a C5 – C6 intervertebral disc extrusion or slipped disc. Scooby required a ventral slot spinal surgery and this was performed at the level of C5 – C6 to remove the calcified disc material from around the spinal cord.

The surgery was uneventful, but due to severe bruising from the slipped disc Scooby required over a month of intensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. He made a slow but steady improvement during this time, and on discharge was able to walk with assistance.

The dedication and commitment of his owners and the Davies team helped Scooby to become ambulatory and he continues improving.

Scooby now enjoys regular physio and hydrotherapy sessions with our Therapy and fitness team.

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