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Pre-authorisation and Insurance claims

What you need to do if your Insurance Company requires pre-authorisation before treatment at Davies.

What is a Pre-authorisation?

Davies may need to obtain pre-authorisation from your insurance company before any treatment begins. This is to ensure they will cover the cost of the recommended treatment.

To do this we will need to know the name of your insurance company and your policy number. Some insurance companies require the owner to request the pre-authorisation.

How do I arrange a pre-authorisation?

  • Firstly contact your insurance company to find out if a pre-authorisation is required.
  • Then obtain and complete any paperwork that is required before sending it on to us.
  • Ask how long it will take your insurance company to complete the process – this will need to be completed before your scheduled appointment/ surgery
  • Once we have advised you that we have sent off your pre-authorisation request, you will need to confirm the insurance company has approved it before treatment can commence

It will take us up to 2 working days to process your pre-authorisation – providing we have all received all the information we need from your referring vet.

Some insurance companies will not process your claim until they have received the claim form and medical history from your referring vet practice. It is therefore important that you ensure your referring practice has submitted their claim form to your insurance company.

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