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Puppy and Kitten Murmur Clinic – Referring Vet Information

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Prompt evaluation of heart murmurs is recommended in young puppies and kittens, even if they remain asymptomatic, as early intervention can lead to improved outcomes and longer survival for animals with congenital heart disease. For this reason, we are pleased to offer a puppy and kitten murmur evaluation clinic at a discounted fee to facilitate early diagnosis for these patients.

The puppy and kitten murmur clinic at Davies Veterinary Specialists is available for healthy, asymptomatic patients who are less than 9 months of age, with a fixed price of £295 for the initial visit and diagnosis.

What happens during a visit to the puppy and kitten murmur clinic?

  • The pet will be admitted by one of our cardiology nurses.
  • Full cardiac examination and echocardiographic examination (including doppler echocardiography) will be performed.
  • If medications, interventions, or further rechecks are warranted, the cardiologist will discuss findings and recommendations with clients.
  • A discharge note will be provided to the client with the result of the examination and information on the condition (ie, physiologic murmur, pulmonic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, etc).
  • A report will be sent your clinic with results of the echocardiogram and further recommendations, if necessary.

Animals exhibiting clinical signs are not eligible for this discount and should be referred to the Cardiology Service; estimates will be provided for symptomatic patients. Please contact us in advance if you have questions regarding patient eligibility or temperament. Medications, additional rechecks, or future interventions are not included in the initial fee and will be discussed with the clients, if warranted.

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