Cello’s back on song after life-saving surgery at Davies

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28th February 2024

Cello’s back on song after life-saving surgery at Davies

A ravenous Labrador with a craving for crabapples needed emergency surgery after swallowing whole one of her favourite snacks which ended up stuck in her small intestine.

Six-year-old Cello was operated on at Linnaeus-owned Davies Veterinary Specialists near Hitchin in Hertfordshire where the crabapple was successfully removed.

The first signs that something was wrong with Cello was progressively worsening vomiting for four days, together with a loss of appetite and lethargy. Although she still went for walks, she was subdued.

After being referred to Davies, an ultrasound found a well-defined, rounded object, approximately 2.5cm in diameter, in her small intestine.

Given its serious nature, Cello underwent surgery to examine the abdomen, which confirmed it was a crabapple, which was then quickly removed.

Cello’s grateful owner said: “”I’m pleased to say that she is now fully recovered – albeit with a rather bald undercarriage still – and back to her usual ravenous self.

“Unfortunately her diet still includes crabapples when I don’t manage to stop her, but so far she is chewing before swallowing.”

Smita Das, head of soft tissue surgery at Davies, said: “Her penchant for crabapples could have cost Cello her life.

“It was clear that something was wrong with her and her vigilant owners sought veterinary help.

“Once discovered, the operation to remove the crabapple took place and Cello recovered well. It’s great to hear she has now made a full recovery and that her owner is keeping a close eye on her eating habits.”

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