Davies elevates image of diagnostics with £1.5m cutting edge investment

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21st October 2020

Davies Veterinary Specialists has invested £1.5m in state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic imaging systems, raising the bar for world-class pet care in the UK.

The Linnaeus-run small animal veterinary referral hospital based in Hertfordshire has taken delivery of new MRI and CT systems as a part of its programme of continual growth and development, which includes increasing the hospital footprint and establishing new veterinary teams.

The new Siemens Magnetom Sempra Diagnostic Imaging System and the Siemens Somatom go-All CT scanner mean that Davies’ diagnostic capabilities are some of the best available in the UK. In addition, the footprint of the practice has been extended to accommodate the new equipment and is adjacent to the new viewing room which provides multiple screens for quick, efficient diagnostic viewing and report generation.

Davies Veterinary Specialists invests in diagnostic imaging

“We have a long history of advanced imaging here,” said Ronan Doyle Clinical Director at Davies. “But this investment has really brought us to the forefront of where imaging is at and allows us to provide gold standard care for all of our patients.

“We can obtain incredible images of what’s going on inside the patient to help us rapidly and effectively diagnose what the underlying problem is. Or, if we are planning out a surgery or an intervention, figure out where exactly where we need to go and how we go about it to provide the best possible outcome.”

Davies Veterinary Specialists invests in new MRI and CT

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