Davies Nurses kick off VNAM with in-house advanced anaesthesia training

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7th May 2019

Six nurses at Davies Veterinary Specialists have kicked off Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month by completing their Advanced Anaesthesia Nurse Training.

Anna Samuels, Cath Dean, Charlotte Ream, Danni Travis, Emily Prejac and Jen Halil (pictured) all committed to 11 months of studying on a tailor-made course, accredited by the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA) and delivered over 11 months by veterinary anaesthetists at Davies.

The course, which was developed by Fran Downing (RCVS & EBVS Veterinary Specialist in Anaesthesia & Analgesia) has been delivered twice before at Davies; it aims to provide nurses with the knowledge and understanding to confidently and competently manage more complex anaesthetic cases. It included elements of pathophysiology, pharmacology, monitoring and other technical challenges posed by such cases.  As part of the training process, all six nurses were encouraged to gain practical experience managing advanced cases with the anaesthesia team, helping to reinforce the theoretical knowledge.

“The nursing team at Davies plays an essential role in monitoring anaesthesia in our patients. We are extremely proud of what this fantastic group of RVNs have achieved in their pursuit of delivering an even higher standard of care for our patients,” said Fran. “I hope this course has helped to motivate and inspire them and others to pursue further studies in advanced anaesthesia and critical care as a part of their ongoing career development at Davies.”

In addition, for 2018-19 we have introduced an AVA-accredited critical care course for our nurses, delivered by specialists in anaesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology and soft tissue surgery.

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