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15th June 2021

Davies announces ISFM reaccreditation

ISFM Feline Friendly gold accreditation for Davies Veterinary Specialists

Leading small animal referral practice Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) is proud to announce its reaccreditation as an ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) Gold Standard Feline Friendly Clinic. The accreditation is a formal recognition of the practice’s adherence to a rigorous set of criteria aimed at reducing feline stress while providing the very best in health care. 

The ISFM introduced the accreditation programme nine years ago to help reduce the stress associated with vet visits for both the patient and the owner. To be awarded ‘gold’ status a veterinary centre must fulfil many different criteria encompassing feline-friendly practices as well as be able to provide appropriate equipment and facilities.

ISFMDavies is reaccredited with ISFM gold accreditation

Davies, the Linnaeus owned referral centre based near Hitchin in Hertfordshire, has recently re-designed its cat ward with the aim of reducing levels of stress experienced by feline patients while hospitalised.

Cats find visual contact with other unknown cats very stressful. Thus, to minimise this, all patient accommodation faces forward so that while in their kennel there cannot be visual contact with another cat,” explained Sophie Lawrence, Head Veterinary Nurse at Davies. “We have also added a beautiful forest view mural to the wall outside the cat’s kennels so they have a relaxing view. The cat ward also has dimmer switch lights and classical music playing, with the aim of making cat ward a tranquil area to aid patient recuperation.

Forest view mural helps reduce anxiety in inpatient cats at Davies Veterinary Specialists

Every cat patient at Davies has enough space for its own “cat castle” which provides both an elevated perch for patients to sit upon or hide beneath – alongside comfortable bedding and a litter tray containing a substrate specifically tailored to their preferences. The practice also utilises pheromone therapy (Feliway®) via plug-in diffusers and sprays and supplies safe, super-soft pillows, which are all made from recycled materials and sprayed with Feliway®, to help reduce feline stress.

Gold standard care for feline patients at Davies Veterinary Specialists

Davies has state-of-the-art equipment in all areas, including a new MRI and CT suite alongside ultrasound and multiple endoscopes. There are multiple, fully-equipped theatres for orthopaedic, soft tissue and ocular surgery as well as a new dental suite, all of which meet and exceed the gold standard required by ISFM. In addition, all staff are trained in cat-friendly handling and regularly update their skills and knowledge by attending feline-focused CPD.

We have carried the ISFM Gold Standard since 2017 and are extremely proud to have been reaccredited this month,” said Tim Richardson, Managing Director of Davies.

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