Davide Immediato

DVM, PhD, GPCert (Derm), MRCVS

Resident in Dermatology

After graduating from the University of Bari, Italy in 2013, Davide started his PhD in ‘Animal Health and Zoonosis’ at the same university in 2014. He worked in medical mycology and parasitology and was also responsible for teaching activities in the diagnosis of veterinary mycosis for several degrees and specialization courses. Davide is the author and co-author of several publications, abstracts, and posters, as well as a regular speaker at conferences. He has won two awards: FIMUA, Best poster award in 2014 and SoIPa, Young Researcher award in 2016. After completing his PhD, in 2017, Davide moved to the UK where he worked for 4 years in first opinion practices located in Oxfordshire, South Wales and Berkshire. In 2018, he started his certificate in Veterinary Dermatology and was awarded the title of GPCert in Dermatology in 2020. In 2019, Davide joined Southfields Veterinary Specialists to complete a one-year rotating internship, and, in the same year, he also had the opportunity to conduct a dermatology externship at the North Carolina State University (USA). He joined Davies Veterinary Specialists in 2021 as a clinician and from October 2023 he became a resident of the European College of Dermatology.

“‘I enjoy the possibility to deliver the highest standard of care in veterinary dermatology for my patients and their owners in a very professional, supportive and energetic environment. The challenge of helping to build and grow a successful practice is always exciting and rewarding, and it is rewarding to treat complicated conditions with the support of the other services

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