Rina Tompkins

Level 2 Animal Management diploma, Level 3 Animal Management diploma

Theatre Technician

While completing both Levels 2 and 3 of Animal Management, Rina spent some time pursuing work experience in two different areas. One was split between working in two different veterinary clinics and another in a ‘doggy-day care’ centre. After finishing college in 2022, Rina went on to study Zoology for a year in Cambridge to gain more knowledge of lab work and had the opportunity to work alongside resident scientists.

“I love animals. I enjoy caring for them, making them well, and dealing with them compassionately when things are not going too well also. I enjoy performing to high standards of practice, being able to work independently and I have also experienced working with a caring and supportive team. I enjoy preparing patients for theatre and preparing surgical rooms. Whilst this work can be challenging, it is always rewarding. I am excited to learn and grow alongside a successful veterinary practice.

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