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Davies Veterinary Hospital near Stevenage delivers the best multidisciplinary care for all pets referred to us!

At Davies Veterinary Hospital near Stevenage, we are proud to share that we are one of the biggest and most reliable veterinary hospitals and referral centres in South-west England. Our team now has over 200 dedicated members, and each one of them is highly trained and qualified in what they do.

Our veterinarians and specialists are very recognised in the field, and they are known for their innovative research and pioneering procedures. Our nurses and care team are very dedicated and compassionate, and they do their best to make sure that every pet and their respective owners will feel comfortable and safe inside our premises.


Our Veterinary Hospital Facilities and Services

At our veterinary hospital near Stevenage, we manage to take care of over 10,000 pets every year, not only thanks to our reliable and dedicated team but also thanks to our big premises with amazing diagnostic facilities.

Our facilities may include 11 consultation rooms, surgery and diagnostic facilities, and orthopaedic theatres, as well as intensive care units and six wards that are supervised 24 hours a day. Those facilities enable us to take care of up to 90 patients a day with excellence and high levels of care.

These facilities also enable us to offer a range of services, be it for smaller cases, or long-term ones. Our veterinary hospital services include:


Davies Outstanding Care

Davies’ sole mission and focus are to provide outstanding care to all pets under our care. Our team is very supportive, reassuring, and caring, and they will make sure to let all our patients and their owners as comfortable and feeling as safe as they can.

We are in the field for over 20 years, and thanks to our high levels of dedication, we are a trusted partner for General Practice Vets, and we will keep working hard not only to keep the same levels of quality but also to improve them always we can.

No matter what the pet’s condition may be, Davies Veterinary hospital team members will strive to be open and collaborative with pet owners throughout the entire treatment process, and our team members will look after each pet as if they were our own.

We are situated in the countryside of Hertfordshire, 15 minutes from Stevenage, so we can offer our patients a peaceful stay, plenty of space to exercise, and a personal experience. For more information about our services or about a referral, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be more than happy to help you!

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