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Are you in search of a compassionate and skilled veterinary oncologist near me? Look no further than Davies Vet Specialists and Veterinary Oncologists! We understand that your pet is more than just an animal; they are a beloved member of your family. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you want nothing but the best care and support for your furry friend. That’s where we come in.

With over two decades of experience, we’ve been providing exceptional oncology care for pets across the UK. Our team of over 200 skilled and compassionate professionals is committed to delivering the highest quality care for your beloved animal companions. We understand the unique needs of each pet we treat and are here to support them with specialist care every step of the way.

Rest assured that if your pet has been diagnosed with cancer and referred to us, we are aware of how frightening and confusing this time can be. We are prepared to assist. Pet owners frequently have a wide range of options when it comes to potential treatments. Our oncologists’ responsibilities include counseling pet owners through difficult decisions and talking to them about their pet’s illness.

Comprehensive Oncology Services

As one of Europe’s specialist veterinary oncologists, we take pride in offering personalised care for each animal patient we see. Located in the serene countryside of Hertfordshire, our oncology centre features state-of-the-art facilities and technology dedicated to cancer care.

With advanced equipment such as MRI, CT, ultrasound, and endoscopes, we provide a wide range of oncology services, including surgical interventions, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Our facilities include specialised diagnostic equipment, a state-of-the-art operating theatre, and dedicated consultation rooms, ensuring we can deliver the highest level of care to pets across the UK facing cancer.


Specialised Oncology Services

Our veterinary oncologists offer a range of specialised services tailored to the unique needs of each animal. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Oncology Diagnosis & Treatment: Our experienced oncologists provide expert diagnosis and treatment options for various types of cancer.
  • Surgery: We offer specialised surgical procedures for oncology cases, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Chemotherapy: Tailored chemotherapy protocols are available to manage and treat cancer.
  • Radiation Therapy: We provide advanced radiation therapy options to target cancer cells with precision.
  • Supportive Care: Our team focuses on the comfort and well-being of animals during and after treatment.
  • Pain Management: We prioritise your pet’s comfort. Our pain management strategies ensure they are as comfortable as possible throughout treatment.
  • Quality of Life Care: We focus on enhancing your pet’s quality of life during and after treatment. This includes nutritional support, physical therapy, and emotional wellbeing.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

We take pride in providing exceptional facilities designed to support the well-being of our pet patients. Our cutting-edge diagnostic facilities, surgery centres, and consultation rooms are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Our compassionate approach ensures that every animal is treated with the utmost care and consideration. Our spacious premises also include areas for exercise, creating a peaceful environment that contributes to their overall well-being while giving owners confidence in the care we provide.


Contact Our Veterinary Oncologists Near Me

We highly value our partnerships with general practice veterinarians and are dedicated to delivering quality care and specialised treatments for your animal companion. If you would like to refer your pet to our Veterinary Oncologists or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.

During regular business hours, you can contact us at 01582 883950. For emergencies, please call 07870 560596. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form for a referral. Our team is always eager to assist you and your animal in any way we can!

Choose Davies Vet Specialists and our Veterinary Oncologist Near Me as your trusted partner for exceptional cancer care for your pet. Contact us today and let us provide the outstanding care your pet deserves!

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